Thank You to Our Summer Learning Fellow!

This summer Christ the Healer, UCC, was the recipient of one of five grants awarded by the UCC Council for Climate Justice to support climate advocacy and education efforts. Tori Asay was selected to be our “learning fellow” for the summer, and we were so delighted to have her!

Tori helped take the beginning months of Climate Café from “seed to table” — helping to plant the idea on our website, newsletter and other social media as well as literally planting seeds at several of our regenerative source farms.

From Tori: “I came into this opportunity eager to apply my spiritual practice ‘off the mat.’ I wanted to put my faith to the test and see if this love of God I had cultivated was real or fleeting by serving others. The fellowship helped me to see how to bridge the gap between the six months of dedicated practice without work and returning to the workforce while maintaining regular spiritual practice.”

Thank you, Tori, for co-creating with us!

Read more about her good work and the work of the other Climate Justice fellows here.