Love All Creation as Yourself

Sharing plant-based meals, locally grown and sourced, in a gift economy

A change toward generosity, abundance, and regenerative growth. Undertaken by everyday people. This is the Climate Café.

Climate Café is a new way to eat, a new way to give, and a new way to live.  It’s a model we are sharing and ask you to join our efforts: To grow and share the highest quality local produce and meals, feed all of our neighbors, and reverse the climate crisis. Get involved

If you love delicious food, we invite you to grow together with us in a unified intention, help to expand this effort, by creating events for low-carbon, regeneratively-sourced and produced, plant-based meals. This is a pay-it-forward model. 

This means everyone gets to eat the best-possible food, no matter their budget or need. Through volunteer efforts, grants and donations, we design and prepare meals to serve at “pop-up” events. throughout the Greater Portland Metropolitan area.

Taste and see the good we can create together

The goal of this project is to support one another, in community, and meet one of the largest and most basic needs – nourishing, healthful food. 
How are we growing climate hope? By helping others see how you can convert ruined lands into healthy food farms through regenerative farming practices.  Raw, live, fresh, organic, chemical-free foods has always been a passion at CtH, now we’ve taken it to a new level. Our efforts demonstrate, time and time again, how we can feel better in our bodies by changing the way we relate to food. We invite you to join the movement to transition from a “take, make, waste” economy to a good food economy that is healthy for us and the earth. Dig in and experience the joy of growing and sharing earth-healing food with your neighbors.

Pop-up events allow us to engage a wide variety of communities, share delicious earth-healing meals and provide education about regenerative agriculture. Following nature’s generous and abundant example, we offer our food without money and without price. We are building a gift economy where those who are able can give to feed those who have less so all can feast together. This is how we love creation as ourselves.

The Climate Cafe regenerates not only our human bodies but the body of the earth. This is how we love creation as ourselves.

Upcoming Events

  September Event Planning In Process

Date:  TBD
Time: 12:00 p.m. PST
What to bring: TBD

The Focalizers have been sowing new ideas on our monthly meetings to discuss the evolution of the Climate Café and upcoming events. If you are looking for deep meaning and rich communion with friends and neighbors this holiday season, this is an event you won’t want to miss! While sharing plant-based food together is always a special treat, this event is intended to enrich your senses and soul… Learn More

Grow in ways you never imagined

Dreaming of a Gift Economy

The Bible’s through line from Genesis to Jesus is a world of justice, peace, and plenty. A gift economy. Whether or not you know the Bible, when you let yourself dream of a world like this, it feels like how it should be. We can picture an ideal childhood where children are loved, fed, and sheltered optimally. Most children, even in today’s economy, expect to be provided for. But most adults expect to trudge treadmills to secure a means of support until our bodies wear down or break down.

In the world of how it should be, however, elders are gifted the same nurture and support that are freely given to children. In the world of how it should be, there is no shame in being a “dependent” child or elder, for humans at these life stages offer their own unique gifts. So why is there shame in being an able-bodied adult living as free as a child of the burden of self-support? Can we create healthy economies where adults contribute purposefully and playfully?

Can you envision a world where this is possible? Read more….

Climate Café needs investors. Will you help?

The Earth is giving. The Farmers are giving.
Will you join us in a gift economy through the Climate Café.

Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference. Your donation will go directly to building community, and creating solutions for the tangled knot of challenges at the intersection of food justice and climate change. Here are some of the things that your donation will support:

  • The necessary expense of a startup. These include building repairs, licensing, legal, and much more.

  • Sourcing fresh, organic food from local farmers.

  • Payment for professional chefs specializing in raw and living foods, who will be able to share their knowledge with our volunteers and interested community members.

  • The building and sustaining of a new community space in SW Portland. Climate Cafe will be a place for artists, activists, spiritual-seekers, food-growers and all others who want to see a better world.

Are you hungry for experience growing and preparing earth-friendly foods? Are you passionate about climate justice, social justice and building a sustainable future? Do you have skills, knowledge and experiences to share? We want to hear from you! This project truly takes a village.

Learn more