Solving the Climate Crisis Through Healthy Eating

We hope you enjoy this guest article by Rev. Bonnie Fackre-Cochise of Christ the Healer UCC about our third pop up event on Oct. 30.

Climate Cafe had its third successful “pop-up” shared meal last Sunday. Fifty diners and donors gathered at Hillsdale UCC to enjoy a delicious and nutritious Native American themed meal – created from locally-sourced produce with a low carbon footprint. Great food. Wonderful company.

Our featured speakers, Randy and Edith Woodley, gave a very thoughtful talk about their ministry at Eloheh Farm and Indigenous Center in Yamhill. Randy spoke about decolonization and re-indigenization of the land and people. Edith Shared her story about her journey to becoming a farmer and a vegetarian.

Nine students from Portland State University got wind of the event and were there too, along with folks from various congregations and community groups that we have been reaching out to.

Our next pop-up will be in Lake Oswego, where we will gather around a scrumptious locally-produce plant-based fermented meal of ruby sauerkraut and lentil tempeh, provided by Fermenter restaurant. The learning component for this event will be to view and discuss the heart-stirring film “Eating our Way to Extinction”.

Come join us, to pay it forward!